Gorgeous Grain-Free Superfood Pancakes for your Dogs

Gorgeous Chunky Grain-Free Superfood Pancakes for Your Dogs

What you’ll need:

4 eggs (organic free range of course because we love All animals.)
250ml Coconut milk (easier in the cartons sold nowadays in all supermarkets, than tins but tins ok if you mix and shake the watery bit with the creamy bit lots before using it)
125grams Flour – You could use Coconut flour (Holland and Barrett or better still your local independent healthy food store.) or if you want to spoil your dog and they don’t have Candida or gut imbalances you could use Oat flour or Buckwheat flour or for a ‘I’m sticking with protein thank you’ simply use Quinoa flour (Quinoa is a complete protein, a seed not a grain)
Avoid any refined flours, white flours or wheat flours ( Buckwheat is not the same as wheat guys its gluten free!)

1 teaspoon of Baking powder

Coconut oil to fry them with.

Making them:

Beat the eggs until frothy, add the milk slowly mixing as you go.
Mix the baking soda throughout in the flour.

Add the flour mix to the egg and milk mix slowly until combined and smooth.

Heat some coconut oil in your pan

To make chunky think pancakes, American style, you’ll need 2/3 tablespoons of the mixture per pancake, press it down slightly with the back of your spoon once its in the pan to shape it.

If its too runny, you just need more flour – this may happen with the quinoa flour but it’s all about experimenting and ultimately you know its going to be ‘wolfed down’ in seconds anyway whether its soggy and ‘correctly’ shaped or not!

Toppings or Flavourings

You could add a pinch of ground Himalayan rock salt or Kelp into the flour n baking powder mix, both packed with minerals.

You could even add garlic into the mix as it goes into the pan if you wanted to make chunky garlic pancakes

For a sweet option use Bananas. Bananas are great prEbiotics (food for beneficial microbiome) , they would be a wonderful addition to your dogs Pancakes. Strawberries once helped solve one of my clients raw fed dogs long standing skin issue, again due to prebiotic content.
Avoid any refined sugars, sweeteners, syrups even honeys – unless you have one of these terribly fancy Manuka antibiotic style honeys 18+ or similar. They would be great!
Have fun, add flavourings mildly to begin with, feeding your dog real food is not about following a set recipe or diet that works for Every dog. Your dog is an individual. There are no ‘right or wrongs’ just the way you eat yourself and feed your children its about finding out what your dog does best on, what his preferences and using food for its wonderful therapeutic properties, which plants are packed with!

Canine Superfood Pancakes! What would you create!!??
Share with everybody! Let’s see how much fun we can have and Still keep our dogs healthy.

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