How to Contact me

Whilst I await the inclusion of a proper form, with spam protecting magic! 🙂
You can contact me in the ways mentioned here.

For Consultations : Please book via my social media page.
I am currently unable to answer food questions without prior consult booking.
I will reply to your booking as soon as its gone through. (UK time frame)

For very short nutrition queries: However if you feel your question is a very short one sentence or product style query I am the In-house Nutrition Specialist on the Frank and Jelly’s FB group, if you post on there and tag me I will see your query and let you know the answer, or if it is in-fact a bit more complicated than you anticipated.
You can join this group here : JOIN GROUP

Brand Consultancy : Currently not taking any more clients.

New OfQual regulated Canine Nutrition Course:
iPet L3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition message your interest at either of my social channels.


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