Raw diets reduce Cancer chances – The Science Behind Raw 4

The Science of feeding real meat to dogs
Study roundups, Caroline Griffith.

Feeding raw food meals are healthier for dogs.
(If you believe that a lower chance of cancer is healthier)

Published article:
Study under funding to be published. Donate at . dogrisk .com

Full study interest video on YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWYgYbDhuE8

Where and When:
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland
Data from a survey of 10’000 dogs
Authors/Researchers: Dog Risk Group – Anna Hielm-Bjorkman, Johanna Arturaniemi, Robin Moore, Hanna Sinkko, Stella Barrouin-Melo, Sara Zaldivar-Lopez

Question in research: Does a Raw meat diet create healthy changes in a dogs body in comparison to a dry extruded diet?

Study Participants: 10’000 dogs, survey filled in by owners.

What they did: Questions were asked of the owners in terms of what diets their dogs ate over their lifetime (or so far), and if they had ever had diagnosis, treatment or had pet loss from cancers.

What was measured:
The incidences of Cancer in the 10’000 dogs.

Findings: (See blog image!)

The image shows the results when presented via a lecture.
The chart in the right hand side shows the levels of Cancer in the findings.

We can see that the dogs fed Commercial raw diets are at -0.063 that’s minus, whereas the dogs fed dry commercial diets are 0.024. So well into the plus, or the higher recorded stages.
These figures all seem minuscule to me, but my guess as is usually the case with data charts, in effect is there is quite a difference.

The researchers explain (Anna)  that the data shows there is more inflammation going on in the dry food fed dogs than the commercial raw food fed dogs.

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