The Best Dog Diet Ever, by Caroline

This is the book your dog, has been waiting for you to read! An absolute must for any dog owner wanting to provide the best for their dog. An easy to read, fun, informative guide to the science and the reasoning behind why feeding raw meat, bones and a small amount of vegetables is the best diet your dog could ever be fed. You will discover how to feed the diet, why to feed the diet and find answers to all your questions, even the controversial ones – included in this logical, enjoyable book.Discover how to feed a raw diet on a budget and fit the diet into your dogs lifestyle. Find out how diet could be influencing your dogs behaviourDiscover the true nutrients and elements your dogs needs for happiness and well-being. Learn the anatomy of your dogs digestive system, and how different it is to a humans!
Learn ways the raw diet can boost immunity and improve a dogs ability to Heal. Understand what makes up a raw diet for dogs and how to feed it effectively.
Also includes raw feeding insights from Celebrity dog trainer Sophi Stewart, Owner and Trainer of the Lassie movie dogs Bob Weatherwax.

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With Foreword by Dr Nick Thompson BSC (vet sci) Hons, BVM&S, Vet Mf Hom

Volume 1 2012 (a few may be on Amazon second hand however it is not as comprehensive as the 2020 version.

Updated Version 2020 – Purchase above

Imperfectly Natural Canine

Enhance your dogs quality of life and ensure they live to a healthy old age. Imperfectly Natural Canine is the latest addition to Janey Lee Grace’s Imperfectly Natural Series.
Written to ensure your beloved pet can be provided with as natural a lifestyle as possible in today’s busy, modern world. Providing expert advice for you on every step of your canine journey from first choosing your pup to maintaining their health into their golden years.
Controversial issues such as vaccinations and parasite treatments are explored in detail as well as nutrition advice and natural remedies for ailments.
This book will provide answers to your natural and holistic dog care questions and open the doorway to a healthier and happier dog.

Published 2017

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With Foreword by BBC’s Janey Lee Grace, this book is part of the Imperfectly Natural Series.