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Nutritional Therapy is a largely untapped resource in understanding canine nutrition, diet and food choices.
Blending biology with holistic approaches we can begin to see how the dogs body really works, and that whilst we spend time considering if foods or meals are ‘good’ due to whats in them it is whats not in many pets food thats really deserves our attention. The vital Nutritional Elements that make food useful to dogs.

My Nutritional Elements talk is unique, and stems from funded research that looked into exactly why dogs made improvements physically when switched to a real food diet. What exactly is different about real food to processed food and why that matters to your dogs body at both the cellular and whole body level.

I also explain the secrets (both fantastic and concerning) of the pet food industry so that you can make choices informed with truths.

This talk is aimed at:
Those with an interest in real food feeding,
Raw feeders who want to move to a deeper level of understanding
Pet owners who who wish to relieve the worry of achieving balances and complete meals each and every time.
Anyone who would like to understand why dog food is created the way it is, and whats it really the best way to feed dogs.

Bookings for lectures, events and seminars being taken please do contact me in the first instance.


The OfQual regulated home-study course in Canine Nutrition is here!


iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Canine Nutrition
Spring Intake Student Enrolment
Step 1 : Register your interest – Happening now (via FB : ) or on the course official website.
Step 2 : Official accepted students registration – from May 2023
Step 3 : Course begins – Sept 2023

*Course details*
£1495.00 (payment plans available)
380 hours Total Qualification Time
75 hours Guided learning
Level 3 Diploma
Two years to finish the Course Certificate (support throughout | Final assessment period of 2/3 months needed within those two years)
Support led learning with myself aimed at Certificate completion in under a year
The only nationally recognised Canine Nutrition qualification, worldwide.
Hours of Extensive additional Teaching from myself on the holistic aspects of all the modules, and Guidance on pet industry practices from inside the industry.
Interviews with other experts canine nutrition & holistic care.

Both collated from over 28 yrs in the natural dog care field and over 10 working as a consultant for pet owners and to the pet food manufacturing industry itself.

Modules cover :
Principles of Nutrition
Canine Digestive Anatomy and Physiology
Life Stage Nutrition
Pet Food: Types and Manufacturing (including fresh food)
Canine Evolution
Immunity, Microbiome and Behaviour
Research in Canine Nutrition

I am accepting only a certain number of Students for this course starting in Sept 23.
You will benefit from fortnightly group support meetings too.

Finally as this course doesn’t progress to a consulting level qualification I am offering a Consulting Qualification after this course. Only for those who have taken this course with myself as it follows on from the extra lectures I include in this Level 3 course.
The Consulting Award is not something available yet via the iPET Network, please do address all queries to myself for the time being.

Do register your interest as soon as you can, or any questions. Simply by messaging me on my FB Messenger. I monitor messages and can see them even if we are not friends on there :).


2023 Dates – Natural Dog Expo \ Solihull \ Sunday May 7th |

New OfQual regulated course in Canine Nutrition – Next Student intake Sept 23.


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